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Dr. Amit Elazari Bar On is Director, Global Cybersecurity Policy at Intel and a Lecturer at UC Berkeley School of Information Master in Cybersecurity program. She graduated her Doctor of Science of the Law (J.S.D.) from UC Berkeley School of Law. During her time at Berkeley she was a CLTC (Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity) Grantee, as well as a member of AFOG, Algorithmic Fairness and Opacity Working Group at Berkeley. In addition. On 2017, Amit was a CTSP Fellow. 

She is the first Israeli LL.M. graduate to been admitted to the doctoral program at Berkeley or any other top U.S. doctoral program in law, on a direct-track basis.  Her research interests include privacy, cyber law, copyright, patents and private ordering in intellectual property. 

Her work has been published in leading journals, popular press, including The N.Y. Times, The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal and presented in top security and Intellectual Property conferences including RSA, BlackHat, USENIX Enigma (see video), USENIX Security (see video), DEF CON (CPV, IoT Village, Skytalks), Privacy. Security. Risk. 2018 (IAPP), WiCyS, BsidesSF (see video), BsidesLV and more. 

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Amit Elazari Bar On, We Need Bug Bounties for Bad Algorithms, for Vice, Motherboard (May 3, 2018)

Reyes, Irwin and Wijesekera, Primal and Reardon, Joel and Elazari Bar On, Amit and Razaghpanah, Abbas and Vallina-Rodriguez, Narseo and Egelman, Serge, “Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?” Examining COPPA Compliance at Scale (April 17, 2018). Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies ; 2018 (3):63–83. 

Amit Elazari Bar On, Private Ordering Shaping Cybersecurity Policy – The Case of Bug Bounties, forthcoming in Rewired: The Past, Present, and Future of Cybersecurity (Ryan Ellis & Vivek Mohan Eds., 2018)  [choose download anonymously option] 

Amit Elazari Bar On. The Rise (and fall) of the ‘Patent-Wrap’ Agreement – When Printers’ Cartridges met the Fine Print (forthcoming). 

Amit Elazari Bar On, Cybersecurity in the Boardroom: New Horizons,  Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy Blog (Apr. 18, 2017),https://sites.law.berkeley.edu/thenetwork/2017/04/18/cybersecurity-in-the-boardroom-new-horizons/

Amit Elazari Bar On, Bug Bounty Programs as a Corporate Governance “Best Practice” Mechanism, Berkeley Technology Law Journal Blog (Mar. 22, 2017), http://btlj.org/2017/03/bug-bounty-programs-as-a-corporate-governance-best-practice-mechanism/

Amit Elazari Bar On & Lior Zemer, Introduction to The Rights and Wrongs of Copying: A Discourse on Authors as Speakers, Intellectual Property Journal (Canada), A Symposium Issue (volume 29.1, 2016)     

Amit Elazari Bar On, Copyright and the Greater System of Rights: Utilizing Contractual Concepts to Solve Intellectual Property Problems in Standard-Form Contracts, in The Rights and Wrongs of Copying: A Discourse on Authors as Speakers, Intellectual Property Journal (Canada), A Symposium Issue (volume 29.1, 2016)  

Amit Elazari, Position Paper for the National Union of Israeli Students: The Legal Status of Students’ Intellectual Property Rights in Academic Design Institutions (Oct. 2012) (in Hebrew)    



Amit's RSA Keynote is now available (with her sister, Keren Elazari). 

Amit's BsidesSF talk, is now available on video. 

Amit's Enigma (Usenix) talk, Hacking the Law: Are Bug Bounties a True Safe Harbor? is now available on video


Amit's USENIX Security talk, is now available on video. 

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